Video Update: The First Sisserou Rescued Post-Maria Is Now In Rehab

Astonishing news from the Nature Island reached the outside world late today: a Sisserou has been rescued and brought to the parrot rehab center at Roseau, the first Imperial amazon to have been brought to rehab since Maria’s passage on 9/18.

According to initial reports via Birds Caribbean, Forestry Officer Stephan Durand believes the bird to be exhausted and dehydrated, but otherwise uninjured.  According to Birds Caribbean, the Sisserou “was found in one of the west coast villages yesterday afternoon by two boys. They said that the bird landed near their house in Salisbury at about 3 PM. The bird will be cared for (along with many Red-necked Parrots) by Forestry until it is strong enough to be released into the wild.”

The bird certainly has seen better days! His survival in the wake of the hurricane is nothing short of a miracle. I can’t imagine what he’s been through over the past three months, staying alive day-by-day in an environment utterly changed post-Maria. I will keep you updated here as more news comes in regarding his condition and rehab. Thanks again to all who have dedicated themselves to keeping the island’s precious native parrots alive in their hour of need.


Dominica Parrot Rescue Update: Jacos In Rehab

The Dominica Forestry, Wildlife, and Parks Division has generously granted permission to share an early December update here re the ongoing efforts to rehabilitate Red-necked amazons in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Each bird is crucial to rebuilding the population of this native Dominican parrot in the coming years. Thanks to Stephan Durand, Dr. Erika Flores, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), and to everyone involved with the daily care of these precious survivors of Maria’s wrath. jaco pair

A gorgeous pair of Jaco parrots aka Red-necked amazons in rehab. Aren’t they beautiful? All of these rehabilitated birds will be released back to the wild, whenever possible, as soon as their initial injuries heal.

jaco surgery wing

A Jaco parrot in recovery after surgery to his left wing

jaco flores 2

Dr. Erika Flores of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), treating an injured Jaco brought in by a farmer from the north of the island. IFAW was founded in 1969, with projects operating today in 40 countries. The organization deployed a team to Dominica soon after Maria struck the island.

Dr Erika Flores from the IFAW teamDr. Flores observes the progress of Jacos in rehab

jaco surgery 3

A Jaco post-surgery, just after a tumor was removed from underneath his right eye

Stephen Durand w Dr FloresStephen Durand of the Forestry Department discusses ongoing parrot care and conservation with Dr. Flores.

jaco pair 2

Recovering Jacos. Sadly, no surviving Sisserous have been brought in to rehab, post-Maria. I will continue to post updates here as I receive news. Thanks for dropping by– and for your interest in the future of Dominica’s precious native parrots.

All photos courtesy of Dominica’s Forestry, Wildlife, and Parks Division

My Dream Is Of An Island Place

Passages from An Island by Elizabeth Barrett Browning


My dream is of an island place

By distant seas kept lonely

A little island, on whose face

The stars are watchers only.

Those bright still stars! they need not seem

Brighter or stiller in my dream.

Muhlinghaus cc by-nc-nd 2.0

Hills running up to heaven for light

Through woods that half-way ran,

As if the wild earth mimicked right

The wilder heart of man:

Only it shall be greener far

And gladder than hearts ever are.

Splashing water at the bottom of the falls in Dominica

More like, perhaps, that mountain piece

Of Dante’s paradise,

Disrupt to an hundred hills like these,

In falling from the skies;

Bringing within it, all the roots

Of heavenly trees and flowers and fruits.


Trees, trees on all sides! they combine

Their plumy shades to throw,

Through whose clear fruit and blossom fine

Whene’er the sun may go,

The ground beneath he deeply stains,

As passing through cathedral panes.

Ivan Wong Rodenas CC BY ND 2 0

I said that two or three might choose

Their dwelling near mine own:

Those who would change man’s voice and use,

For Nature’s way and tone–

Man’s veering heart and careless eyes,

For Nature’s steadfast sympathies.


No sod in all that island doth

Yawn open for the dead;

No wind hath borne a traitor’s oath;

No earth, a mourner’s tread;

We cannot say by stream or shade,

‘I suffered here–was here betrayed.’


Gently yet strangely uttered words!

They lift me from my dream;

The island fadeth with its swards

That did no more than seem:

The streams are dry, no sun could find–

The fruits are fallen…


So oft the doing of God’s will

Our foolish wills undoeth!

And yet what idle dream breaks ill,

Which morning-light subdueth?


And who would murmur and misdoubt,

When God’s great sunrise finds him out?


Photo Credits: 1.) Liam Quinn CC BY-SA 2.0  2.) Henning Muhlinghaus CC BY-NC-ND 2.0  3.) Chris Favero CC BY-SA 2.0  4.) Bart CC BY-NC 2.0  5.) Ivan Wong Rodenas CC BY-ND 2.0  6.) Goran Hoglund CC BY-ND 2.0  7.) Liam Quinn CC BY-SA 2.0  8.) Al Shep Lowe  9.) Al Shep Lowe  10.) Denus Williams