Video Update: The First Sisserou Rescued Post-Maria Is Now In Rehab

Astonishing news from the Nature Island reached the outside world late today: a Sisserou has been rescued and brought to the parrot rehab center at Roseau, the first Imperial amazon to have been brought to rehab since Maria’s passage on 9/18.

According to initial reports via Birds Caribbean, Forestry Officer Stephan Durand believes the bird to be exhausted and dehydrated, but otherwise uninjured.  According to Birds Caribbean, the Sisserou “was found in one of the west coast villages yesterday afternoon by two boys. They said that the bird landed near their house in Salisbury at about 3 PM. The bird will be cared for (along with many Red-necked Parrots) by Forestry until it is strong enough to be released into the wild.”

The bird certainly has seen better days! His survival in the wake of the hurricane is nothing short of a miracle. I can’t imagine what he’s been through over the past three months, staying alive day-by-day in an environment utterly changed post-Maria. I will keep you updated here as more news comes in regarding his condition and rehab. Thanks again to all who have dedicated themselves to keeping the island’s precious native parrots alive in their hour of need.


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