A Treeful of Jacos: A Video Update from Dominica

I’ve shared the distinctive sounds of the Sisserou with you here. Now it’s the Jaco’s turn! Thanks to Nikki Chandler Couture for this morning’s video update: a treeful of Red-necked amazons feeding on her property near Sultan Falls. Have a listen– and enjoy your Monday as the Nature Island heals today.


Jacos Eating Grapefruit: More Evidence of Parrot Survival Post-Maria

Amazona arausciaca retrieving grapefruit goodness from the ground

Thanks again to Nikki Chandler Couture for the Red-necked amazon update with new photos and a video this afternoon. Nikki writes:

 Taken this evening, visiting Jacos eating grapefruit. They come twice daily to our place (The Ramelton Estate near Sultan Falls). My husband is there now. That’s the caretaker’s home in the distance in the last picture.


In a post here a few days ago, I mentioned that the same caretaker had reported seeing a pair of Imperial parrots coming to feed on grapefruit on three separate occasions. The specific details of the report are intriguing– and sound credible. Hopefully, the Sisserou pair will be documented for sure soon. Meanwhile, it is wonderful to see the Jacos receiving the nourishment they need in this time of crisis. Though the Sisserou is a much rarer bird, the red-necked amazon– once known as the Bouquet’s parrot– is also rare, precious, and endemic only to Dominica.

I am anxious to learn the present numbers of both species in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Long may their unique beauty grace the forests of Eden.


Dominica Parrot Rescue Update 11/11/2017


A new photo debuted today,  courtesy of Machel Sulton of the Dominica Forestry, Wildlife, and Parks Divison, featuring a Red-necked amazon being rehabbed post-Maria. The bird looks good! Machel writes via Facebook:

One of our rescued birds (Jaco Parrot) enjoying life at the Parrot Captive Facility [at Roseau]. You can see it having grapes. When it’s all healthy it will be released back into the wild.#Dominica #BirdsCaribbean #JacoParrot #DominicaBotanicalGardens #Forestry.

Many thanks to Machel and to everyone working hard to help the parrots survive this darkest period of their lives.

Red-necked Amazon: A Video from the Aftermath

The following video of a rescued Jackot parrot post-Maria has been shared thousands of times on Facebook over the past few days, courtesy of Dominica resident Denus Williams. As I learn more about the story, I will report back here. Thanks to Denus for caring for the bird in this time of crisis!