The Sisserou LIVES!!

Breaking news today via the Birds Caribbean Facebook page:

“First confirmed sighting of the #Sisserou on #Dominica!!!! Spotted at Morne Saint Mary south of Roseau, thanks to Stephen Durand for sharing! The Imperial Parrot (endangered national bird) had not been seen since #HurricaneMaria decimated the island on 19 September-this is hopeful!!!! The parrot was spotted and photographed/filmed by Jerry Brisbane at his residence at Morne Saint Mary south of Roseau. I like how at second 8 he whispers to the parrot, “c’mon, make a call,” and it does so right on cue!!!



5 thoughts on “The Sisserou LIVES!!

    1. This is certainly a tough time for the birds! Not much is known about how they survive catastrophes like this. Check out my post from yesterday that discusses the Jackot parrots surviving on cedar pods.


      1. Is anyone putting food out for the parrots now? Might be a good idea to help them through the new few months.


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