Possible Sisserou Pair: An Update from Dominica

11 10 we believe a pair of sisserou

Thanks again to Nikki Chandler Couture for sharing her latest Dominica parrot update– a photo taken by her husband near Sultan Falls on the island. Nikki writes:

They come in the morning and just before dusk every single day. The Jacos have always done so but my caretaker says a pair of Sisserous has been there 3 times. We have a very small grove of grapefruit that they eat from and have been doing long before we bought our estate.

11 10 we believe a pair of sisserou

While many Jacos have been spotted since Maria ravaged Dominica on the night of September 18, only one Sisserou has been positively identified in the aftermath. But where there’s one, there’s the possibility of more! Thanks for the intriguing updates, Nikki!



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