Dominica Parrot Rescue Update 11/15/2017


Today’s update from the Dominica Forestry, Wildlife, and Parks Division/Education Unit :

One of the many Jaco parrots rescued by patriotic Dominicans and delivered to the Forestry Division for care at the captive breeding facility located at the Botanic Gardens




Thanks to every kind-hearted rescuer for taking the time to help Dominica’s parrots in this time of crisis. Every surviving Amazona arausciaca is precious.  I am amazed that these birds were able to make it through a Category 5 hurricane alive, especially when you consider the incredible damage to their forest home.  Barring any permanent handicap, these native beauties will be returned to the wild once they are ready and able to fly again. Check out those vibrant colors!

As of this writing, no injured Sisserous have been brought in to the rescue center. While one wild Sisserou has been documented post-Maria, the fate of the overall population of Amazona imperialis remains a mystery.


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