Forest Bird Status Update from Dominica Forestry, Wildlife, and Parks Division


A male Blue-headed hummingbird (Cyanophaia bicolor). Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

In response to my inquiry about the current status of the blue-headed hummingbird and Rufous-throated solitaire earlier today, the Dominica Forestry, Wildlife, and Parks Division/Environmental Education Unit was kind enough to post the following response:

There have been sightings of the Blue-headed hummingbird. However, the Rufous-throated solitaire has been heard, but no official sightings have been confirmed. Other birds that have not been sighted or heard post Hurricane Maria are the Lesser Antillean euphonia and the Forest thrush.

Thanks for the update! I will be profiling each of these species throughout the coming week, so please keep checking in. The absence of the thrush– one of two races of forest thrush– is particularly worrying.